First ESFL finalists announced!

The final is right around the corner (June 4th, stick that in your diary!), and we’ve got our first official finalists!

The women’s final will be between London Fire and West Midlands Police, after London Fire’s 5-1 win over Hampshire Police.

Yesterday’s veterans semi-final revealed that Met Police Vets will be playing in the vets final... but who’ll be joining them?!

All the other semi-finals are still to be played, with the remaining games taking place on Monday 22nd May:

[MENS] North Wales Police vs Gwent Police

[MENS] Thames Valley Police vs Northumbria Police

[VETS] London Fire vs West Midlands Police

We can’t wait to watch all three finals on one day – not sure we can take so much excitement in such a short time!

Need a recap on what the Motor Source ESFL is?

The ESFL showcases the talent and dedication of emergency service personnel on the field. Our role as title sponsor allows us to support and recognise the men and women who serve our communities - and dominate the football field in their spare time! 

Motor Source Group are proud to sponsor such a positive (and exciting!) event. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we're glad that the ESFL can have such a positive impact on mental health by providing a platform for emergency service personnel to engage in physical activity, fostering stress relief and overall well-being. The camaraderie and support within the league also create a sense of community, and a support network for those facing the challenges of their demanding professions. 

Get your tickets now!

The men's, women's, and vet's games will be played on Sunday 4th June, in what promises to be a great day of football! We've managed to wangle Broadhurst Park Stadium to host - home of FC United of Manchester.

Grab your tickets here:

MSG Summary

Grab your tickets here:

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